Graphite is an efficient and accurate graphing calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch. Graphite combines an intuitive, polished multi-touch interface with powerful numeric methods to allow fast and precise computation of roots, extrema, integrals, and intersections. Scale axes independently using the custom pinch gesture, then trace along curves for values using as many fingers as you want!

Graphite lets you easily manage as many equations as you need and quickly enter new ones using the dedicated equation input screen.

If Graphite's helpful yet unobtrusive usage instructions and error dialog boxes still leave some aspect confusing, it also holds an extensive onboard help document.

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Mac OS X
PNMQuicklook is a robust, lightweight Quick Look plugin for generating thumbnails, previews, and coverflow images for PPM, PGM, and PBM image files. The PNM format is rather loosely defined, but the plugin does its best to preview any PNM image you come across.

PNMQuicklook is a universal binary, so it will run on any computer running Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.

The plugin is free, and you can download it here:
Download PNMQuickLook.
Into is an open source utility that copies standard input into a file. It differs from shell output redirection and built-in system commands like dd in that it buffers the entire input (creating a temporary file if necessary) before writing anything. This enables pipelines to write back directly to input files.

In practical terms, this means you can run something like:
$ cat infile | (sequence of filters) | into infile
with the desired results instead of resorting to:
$ cat infile | (sequence of filters) > temp; mv temp infile
This avoids the trouble of manually creating a new unique temporary file (and perhaps not having the privileges to do this easily!). It also avoids the pitfall of an accidental:
$ cat infile | (sequence of filters) > infile
which will truncate infile and lose all your input data (the shell opens infile for writing before running the pipeline, thereby truncating the file before reading its contents).

Depending on the input size and the user-configurable memory limit, performance is comparable to using your shell's input redirection.

Into is free, and you can download it here:
Download into.
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