CS 176 - Introduction to Graphics Research
HW 1: Seam Carving
HW 2: Texture Synthesis
HW 3: Complex Barycentric Coordinates
HW 4: Discrete Elastic Rods
HW 5: Discrete Elastic Rods (Improved)
HW 6: Suggestive Contours
HW 7: Subdivision Surfaces
EE/CS 52
Digital Oscilloscope Documentation
OpenGL Oscilloscope Emulator
2009: Detecting Mars Surface Change Using Landmark Comparison (slides)
2008: Detecting and Classifying Mars Surface Features
Professor Alan Siegel asked me to give a substitute lecture on dynamic programming for the Ph.D. algorithms class at NYU. The (not-so-standalone) lecture notes are here:
Honors Algorithms Lecture: Dynamic Programming (9/26/2011)

I was a teaching assistant for CS 2, CS 171 (Introduction to Graphics), and CS 176 (Introduction to Graphics Research) during my time at Caltech. Here are the slides for some lectures I have given:
CS 2 Lecture: Introduction to Graphs
CS 2 Lecture: Board Game AIs
CS 171 Lecture: NURBS
CS 171 Lecture: Wireframe Rendering
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