Graphic Equalizer/LED Array
For Lloyd Interhouse Party 2008, I designed and programmed an 8ftx4ft LED array that is capable of scrolling text and displaying graphic equalizer data. When the display is in "text mode," I have the circuit board accept ASCII strings over serial and then scroll them across the display. An escape character switches the display into "graphics mode" where it takes streams of pixel data over serial. These bytes consist of a 3-bit row address, a 1-bit upper/lower nibble selector, and a nibble of pixel data.

I wrote a program on my mac that would sample audio data from either the microphone or the line-in, perform a fourier transform, bin the resultant amplitude vs. frequency data into 8 columns, and then output that histogram in the circuit board's graphics format. About every 3 minutes, my program would switch the board into text mode and send a string from a collection.

A LOT of Lloydies helped me with the physical design and construction of the array. I documented some of the construction in a presentation, and I also took several videos during the party:

Equalizer E10 Presentation
Video up close
Video up close (scrolling text)
Video of the computer program in action
Video from far away
Another video from far away
More projects coming sometime...
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