Upcoming Events
East Orientation will be happening throughout the week. Attendance is mandatory for all undergraduates; they will be discussing how, where, and when to change your major to the appropriate one.

Ditch Day is tomorrow.

Interested in the mind and philosophy? The psychotherapy department will be hosting a talk about feeling better about yourself.
Caltech Opens Humanities School at MIT Campus
Bowing to extreme financial pressures, MIT administration today made official the sale of the Institute to Caltech. The campus is to be repurposed as Caltech East, a new School of the Humanities, serving as a complementary counterpart to Caltech’s scientific excellence. Numerous committees have been assembled to oversee a complete overhaul of administrative organization, academic departments, and curriculum. Administrators emphasize that adjustments to the restructuring may at times be difficult for students and faculty alike, but that every effort will be made to ease the transition. Read more about the transition here.
Academics To Be Overhauled, New Curriculum Expected Immediately
As MIT transitions into the Caltech East School of the Humanities, the institute’s academic programs will be going through some radical changes. Caltech administrators report that they are doing the best they can to make the switch to a humanities curriculum as smooth as possible for East Campus students.

While East Campus students will still be held to the same high academic standards to which they are accustomed, they will be relieved of the responsibility of advancing human knowledge through scientific research. Instead, they will be left free to let their creativities run wild: coloring, reading, and blogging to their heart’s content. Click here to read more on the new curriculum.
Writing Center to See Makeover in Weeks to Come
Caltech’s recent buyout of MIT has prompted the Office of the President to launch a detailed review of the entire curriculum, with the hopes of ensuring that our campus’s academic standards are up to par with those of Caltech. When asked about the buyout, Caltech trustee Arthur Nettley remarked, “I’m not quite on board with this whole acquisition of another school. I would need a guarantee that the new Caltech East will be able to meet the high standards of an institution like Caltech.” To alleviate these fears, academic coordinators from both Caltech and the new East Campus have proposed a total restructuring of the writing center. Details of the proposed changes can be found here.
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